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Due to family and work commitments, most of us can't find the time to devote to our healing or spiritual practices, so the Daily Dose was conceived to help with this situation. Offered Monday through Friday and begins on or near the first day of the month. Each transmission lasts between 20-30 minutes. There are also unscheduled "booster" sessions through out the month. Each day you receive a short email summary with an activation phrase. The Daily Dose will keep you grounded and centered offering you more clarity as you go thru the day.


We begin with a clearing of non-you energies from your aura-- things like hooks, cords, implants, thoughts that aren't yours, etc. Then your chakras, meridians, nadis and light grids are cleared and balanced. Negative beliefs and feelings are removed and replaced with the high frequency energies of love, impeccability, integrity, gratitude, etc. Finally you are placed in a multidimensional chamber of light to receive a deeper healing. The healing varies each day. It can be for your chakras, light grids, endocrine gland system, physical body, acupuncture points, etc. The session ends with a total auric balancing. This is over 15 hours of healing a month when you sign up for the Daily Dose with no need to call anyone, drive to an office, or sit at your computer! Simply set your intention at the beginning of the month and you will receive these incredible transmissions. All of this for $45.00 per month

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