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I am offering what I call Crystalline Calibrations. Humanity is at a crossroads of transformation and it is always a great idea to be aligned with self/Self ( no matter how this is achieved). With Crystalline Calibrations you receive not only a chakra clearing , balancing and alignment, but this is grounded into your physical body. I connect with you, your Higher Self, and any guides or angels that choose to participate and with this guidance I build a personalized layout. I use Metatrons Cube with a human chakra overlay and choose whatever crystals or other spiritual objects you request. After building this, and using a deck of oracle cards, I ask what does this layout mean for (your name)? I then draw two or three cards, then activate the whole layout.

"My body is vibrating like it is rearranging energies, cells, pathways of energy and LIght. I can feel it moving on my head/skull and down the front and back of my head." V.W., Fla.

"I'm so glad Nancy suggested the Crystalline Calibration for me. It really helped me release the things that were keeping me stuck."

"The crystalline calibration was a powerful and beautiful experience. I was realigned in the best way, very grounded yet open and receptive. I was shown what my next steps needed to be. I also had one done for my dog who was struggling with a yeast infection and he showed marked improvement after the calibration. Thank you Nancy." P.K., Calif.

Metatrons Cube starts with the Fruit of Life shape, and connects all 13 circles with straight lines. It includes all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe. It is named after archangel Metatron who watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides a connection to the divine. It is balanced, can replace negative thought with positive ones, and reminds us that the Universe wants us to discover our personal power and use it to do good. There is more information if you want to research this.

Once an appointment is set up, I build and activate the grid, then take pictures of it and email them to you. These images carry the energy of your grid, although I do offer an activation statement. I leave the layout itself up for an hour, although the picture carries the energy for an indefinite time. The best way to receive the benefit of this calibration is to meditate with the image and its energy, while it is still physically set up - during your appointment. I've offered this to others and have heard only positive results. . Please email ( with any questions. Below is a picture of an empty grid and a completed grid. THIS IS A REMOTE SESSION. Cost $55.00

"....when I sat with the image I felt an explosion (outward energy) in my crown and before I could ask what it was and possibly get an answer, I heard/felt loud and clear "tube torus." R.H., NY

I also work with horses, dogs, and cats. What people are saying:

"(My horse) was def less tense in general. And that meant less rushy home. A lot more fun." D.H., Pa.

"After the layout, both (my dogs) were much more settled. Holly especially didn't pace the floor and actually slept thru the night!" D.D., Ga.

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