Animal Daily Healing horse.jpg image This healing is offered Monday through Friday and begins on or near the first weekday of the month. This program is geared toward support for our wonderful animal companions. Not only do our companions deal with environmental/chemical pollution, but they deal with emotional 'pollution' just as you and I do. I believe animals have their own challenges but also our companions try to clear or transmute any non-loving, mis-qualified emotions they sense around us, and sometimes they end up taking these on for us and then are unable to release this emotional detritus. At times they even take on our physical challenges. I believe that it is increasingly difficult for all animals to stay clear and centered because there is so much chaotic energy being released as humanity and Mother Earth ascend. During this healing I will strengthen your companions energy field, allowing a clear pristine template to be modeled to the physical body. When the energetic fields, meridians, and chakras are clear and balanced, the blueprint for balanced health can flow to the etheric body and then via the etheric fluidium into the physical body, cells, and meridians and organs. Each session starts with a Bladder Meridian Sweep. The Bladder meridian connects with all the other meridians and has both Association and Alarm points along it. It also addresses (along with other meridians such as the kidney) emotional qualities such as fear and depression. By 'sweeping' and 'smoothing' this meridian the animal experiences both relaxation and release. I then will offer the Jin Shin Jyutsu 'Initial Centering' hold. This hold balances the exhale (the letting go) and the inhale (the receiving). It also helps to balance the emotional and spiritual aspects of a Being. I then will offer a more focused healing-- chakra balancing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, one of many forms of Reiki, remotely holding acupressure points for various conditions, remotely holding 'body' points for emotional challenges, immune system, behavioral challenges, back problems, etc. and more. Animals, like children, respond to energy healing quickly and easily and usually enjoy it! This healing will start on the first of every month and go out every day during that month. The cost is $12 for all the animals in your household (be it dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, birds, reptiles, a herd of goats, a flock of sheep--). After you sign up, I would like you to email me with your name, the name of your pets/companions, approximate age, your concerns if any, and a picture if possible. If you are requesting healing for a flock, or a herd, or a gaggle of geese just letting me know it's a flock, or a herd, or a gaggle is enough. You can use the paypal button below; I can send you a paypal request so you can use your debit/credit card; or you can send a check to the address below.

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