Animal Communication

As a young child Nancy thought everyone talked to animals. After standing in the corner and other punishments for "lies about the animals", she kept quiet and repressed her ability. monarch01-2.png image Years later as she surrounded herself with her own animals her ability began to re-surface. She then fine-tuned this ability by studying with internationally known animal communicators Anita Curtis and Kate Reilly--not to mention reading every available source on the subject! She has been helping animals and their humans professionally since 1993. The charge is $25 / 15 minutes or $40 / 30 minutes.


Animal communication is telepathic communication. bert.jpg image It is the sending and receiving of words, sounds (clairaudiance); physical and emotional feelings (clairsentience); pictures (clairvoyance); and intuitive knowing. It is connecting with another sentient being (your animal) and carrying on a converstion for the benefit of both you and your animal.


Behavior problems: Nancy can connect with your animal and help you to understand why the behavior is happening so that a solution can be found. However communication isn't a substitute for a good training program. Health issues: Nancy is not a veterinarian and does not diagnose or treat. However, Nancy can relay information from the animal as to where the animal hurts, what is of benefit to the animal. Animal communication is NOT A SUBSTITUTE for veterinary care. pearl.jpg image Upcoming Changes: You may use communication as a way to keep your animal informed about changes to the daily routine: new people and/or animals coming into the house, upcoming vacations, etc. General Check-in: You might want to ask How are they doing? Is the food ok? Is the exercise enough? Is the cage/crate/stall/box/ dog house ok, big enough?Do they want an animal companion? Do they want a job?


You begin by making an appointment by phone or email and you supply the following information: name of animal breed/physical appearance, gender, age. That is all that is needed. You may enclose a picture, but this is not necessary. At the agreed upon time, Nancy will call you. Typically, Nancy will scan the animals body relaying to you how the animal feels and it's concerns. Then you may ask questions of your animal-- the animal does not have to be present. Nancy is a certified energetic healer in many modalites and will often offer healing to your animal. nancy.png image She also recommends using flower essences for your animal. She has used Greenhope Farm Essences, Bach Flower Essences, Flower Essence Society essences, Pegasus Essences, and Perelandra Flower essences and has seen incredible benefits to both humans and their animals. The charge for a consultation is $1.00 per minute. The average session lasts 20-30 minutes. After the call Nancy will let you know the charge and you can pay through Paypal or send a check to her address.

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